Friday, 22 September 2017

Cockroaches Scatter When The Light Is Turned On

The Battle Continues

When we think of the ideological and spiritual conflicts raging throughout the West, there are certain vital fronts of battle where the stakes are high and the conflict is intense.  Abortion is one of these.  

Last year a few heroic warriors went undercover and posed as potential purchasers of aborted baby body-parts.  They visited with the hardened butchers, some senior executives of Planned Parenthood to discuss the possibilities and opportunities of purchasing body parts from the execution chambers of that terrible eugenicist organisation.  They secretly recorded the conversations and negotiations.  Then they released them to the public.

Our parents taught us that sunlight was the best disinfectant.   How the cockroaches rushed for the dark places when the videos were released.  All the obfuscation, misdirection, and false representations shrivelled.  Then began the slow fightback from Planned Parenthood and its palace guard.

David Daleiden was at the forefront of the investigation and exposure of Planned Parenthood's grotesque practices.  He was slapped with so many vexatious lawsuits that it seemed as if he would suffocate under the mountain of turgid legalese-covered writs.  But, bit by bit, it is being rolled back.

Here is the latest report from the front line of this particular theatre of spiritual war.  This from 

David Daleiden Wins Legal Battle Against University Trying to Cover Up Its Purchase of Aborted Baby Parts

Pro-life undercover investigator David Daleiden won a victory in court this week against the University of Washington after researchers who use aborted baby body parts asked for key information to be redacted from public records.

Last year, Daleiden requested public records from the taxpayer-funded university about its use of aborted baby body parts in research and its relationship with the Planned Parenthood abortion chain. However, the university and several employees of the University of Washington Birth Defects Research Laboratory sued to block certain information from the records, claiming they would “likely face threats, harassment and violence” if information about their work was disclosed to the public.
You don't say!  Really!  Public horror at your actions.  Who would have thought.
Fox News reports a U.S. court of appeals ruled in Daleiden’s favor this week, reversing a lower court decision to block information from the public records.  Thomas More Society Special Counsel Peter Breen, who argued the appeal, told Fox News that the decision is a victory for taxpayers who deserve to know how their money is being used.

Breen explained: “[Daleiden] asked that names and personal contact info be redacted from the records, but the abortion advocates and government employees pressed for full censorship, even of entity names, job titles and departments within the university. Such heavy redactions render these public documents useless for investigative purposes.

“The Court of Appeals, by reversing this decision and remanding this case back to district court, has prevented a serious threat to the public’s right to know how their tax dollars are being spent,” Breen continued.  The Family Policy Institute of Washington also requested public records from the university pertaining to its use of aborted babies’ body parts in research.

“We know that Planned Parenthood and the University of Washington have a relationship,” Joseph Backholm, a spokesman for the Washington pro-life group, told NBC K5 last year. “What are the invoices?  What are the contracts?  “We’re not looking for information on people,” he continued. “We’re looking for information about connections between entities and whether money was exchanged for human body parts.” . . . .

As Daleiden pointed out, if the abortion business does not have anything to hide, it would not need to conceal documentation. He emphasized that he is not asking for individuals’ names or other personal information.

“They have recruited eight anonymous plaintiffs to assert–entirely falsely–that my public records request seeks the personal contact information of UW, Planned Parenthood, and other associated employees. My public records request nowhere seeks any one individual contact information whatsoever,” Daleiden said previously.
When the rug is lifted, the cockroaches scatter.  Back to the abyss whence they came.  We have no doubt that amongst them are unseen demons from the ancient world. Another skirmish won.

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