Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Douglas Wilson's Letter From Moscow (About Being Liberated From Accord du Paris)

A Dead Rat on the High Altar

Douglas Wilson

So President Trump pulled us out of the Paris Climate Shakedown, and I have been frankly surprised at the extent and depth of the progressive meltdown over it. The reaction has been fervently religious, as though the president left a dead rat on the high altar or something. So many liberals have their hair on fire that one wonders about what kind of carbon footprint that will have.

And of course, I am delighted with the move. Some were arguing that the fact that we had joined an international agreement that had no enforcement teeth meant that the fuss over staying or going was all a bunch of nothing. But no, actually. The fact that it was “the law” meant that our administrative state could use it in their grasping and overweening attempts to cripple American productivity—which, of course, has been the entire point all along.

Stop for a moment to admire the regulatory genius (not to mention hubris) of the environmental totalitarians. They have successfully branded as a pollutant that which every mother’s son of you exhales through your nose, that mysterious substance which keeps green plants lush, leafy and green.
Since you emit these troublesome materials, you must therefore submit to all their commands—because save the planet. If it turns plants brown, it is a pollutant and they must control everything to prevent further damage. If it turns plants green, it is a pollutant and they must control everything to prevent further damage.

So let us summarize what we don’t know about CO2. We don’t know if levels are rising. If they are rising, we don’t know if man is causing it. If they are rising, we don’t know if it having any impact on the climate. If it is rising, caused by man or not, we don’t know if we have any ability to stop it from doing whatever it is doing. And if it is rising and having an impact, we don’t know if that impact will be good or bad. Other than that, we pretty much have it dialed in.

But what we do know is that certain individuals want to rule the world. They want to control everything, including how many times a minute you get to breathe. If their lust for domination were poured into a cup, you could stand your spoon upright in it.

So I suggest we identify those individuals and flatly deny every last one of their demands. And if they continue to issue their demands, as a first step I would suggest buying a Hummer and leave it idling in your driveway.

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Anonymous said...

God commands us to multiply and fill the earth (His creation)and says He "is intimately acquainted with us in our mothers womb"
Man says we are a pollutant and wants to kill the unborn limb by limb and sell the parts to make substances to make the living more beautiful.
mmmmm let me think