Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Entering The Lists Of Spiritual Conflict

The Paper Strongholds of the Enemy

The kingdom of the vanquished Dark Lord is in a deadly struggle with the Kingdom of God in North Korea.  We posted recently on the need to take up the Imprecatory Psalms as invocations upon the Lord to bring speedy judgement upon the petty tyrant, Kim Jong-un and his regime.

We came across the following information in a recent church bulletin: 

(1) Access to ministry in North Korea is greater than commonly perceived.  Foreign NGOs, both Korean and Western, are on site through aid and development projects. These brave missionaries are subject to becoming instant political pawns who risk being imprisoned and harshly treated.  Strict limitations on ministry are in place, but the very presence of believers and the testimony of loving generosity can make a difference in many lives.  There are possibly hundreds of Christians in North Korea in this capacity. Pray for boldness and protection.

(2) The country's leader, Kim Jong-un is a ruthless dictator who is harsh with he enemies and is hostile to Western nations.  His political power is cult-like and most of the people of the nation live in what amounts to a nation wide prison.

(3) Nevertheless, there are ministry opportunities to reach the lost in this prison nation.

a) Radio.  Many South Korean Christian broadcasts reach far into North Korea, but most radios are pre-tuned to government stations.  Smuggled radios pre-tuned to Christian frequencies and Chinese tunable radios are making their way into the country.

b) Scripture.  Bibles, the Gospels and tracts are smuggled into the country by various means as well as floated in via balloons from South Korea.  Smugglers are liable to be executed if caught, but the rarity of Scriptures makes them extremely precious to believers.  A North Korean dialect version of the Bible is being prepared. 

c) Ex-pat Korean Visitors.  Korean Christians from China and elsewhere who are able to visit and gain opportunities to witness.  Korea is open to Chinese businessmen, and their easy access to the country could be strategic for the Gospel.

d.) Prayer.  Prayer networks for North Korea have multiplied in recent years, too many to list. Most have an internet presence.  Many thousands of believers are forming an unbroken chain of intercession for this nation. 

There is much to be thankful for.

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