Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The Rictus Maw of Robespierre's Children

Enslaving Hearts and Minds 

France has a long history of bloody repression when it comes to any and all who resist its dogmas.  Liberty, equality and fraternity belong only to those who salute the government and say, "Yes, sir!"  It is regarded as one of the most illiberal countries in Europe, with only the church standing in its way. 

This official intolerance or jihad against its opponents can be seen in recent moves taken with respect to aborting babies.  Those who do not comply with the state's pogrom against the innocent and insistence that mothers have a human right to kill their unborn, face a proverbial guillotine.

The Crime of Obstructing Abortion
Gregor Puppinck
European Centre For Law and Justice

The Senate has just adopted a bill of law which extends once more the definition of the crime of obstruction to abortion. Despite the fact that it has been amended, is still deeply liberticidal. Indeed, it extends the crime of obstruction to “any means” of communication and to “moral and psychological pressures (…) against people seeking information on a voluntarily termination of pregnancy”.  [Emphasis, ours]

This wording prohibits [any person] making available any information on abortion, even true, as soon as they are likely to exercise a moral and psychological pressure on any person who seeks information on abortion.
Hence, for example, this wording would prohibit the publication of pictures of aborted fetuses, of statistics on medical consequences of abortion, or of testimonies of women having badly lived their abortion. For the very content of this information, is enough in itself to exercise a moral pressure.

Another example: the publication of the teaching of the Church on abortion will make it possibly condemned by this law.  Publishing that abortion is a “horrendous crime” and a “mortal sin” obviously exercises “moral and psychological pressures” on people trying to seek information on abortion. Hence this law limits the freedom of speech of some to preserve “the moral and psychological integrity” of others, so that the freedom of speech of some is limited by the feelings of others. It is the logic of anti-blasphemous laws: the person who receives the information pretends to be a victim of the content of the speech, and censors it.

To conclude, the new wording, even though better written in a formal point of view, deepens the violation of the freedom of speech by the crime of obstruction which really is a thought crime. It deeply reduces freedom of speech, allows  legal harassment of opponents to abortion and opens the door to more arbitrary police actions.
The text will now be discussed and voted in the Assemblée nationale and can still be modified.
The text adopted by the Senate:

“Is punished by two years imprisonment and 30,000 euros fine for preventing or trying to prevent or to get informed on a voluntarily termination of pregnancy or on the acts previous to it as planned by articles L. 2212-3 to L. 2212-8:
  • either in disturbing in any way whatsoever access to establishments mentioned in article L. 2212-2, free circulation of people inside these establishments or work conditions of medical and non-medical staff;
  • or in exercising, by any means, moral and psychological pressures, threats or any act of intimidation against people seeking information on a voluntarily termination of pregnancy, medical and non-medical staff working in the establishments mentioned in the same article L. 2212-2, women who came to have a voluntarily termination of pregnancy or the relatives of these women.”  [Emphasis, ours]

These moves by the French legislative chambers strongly suggest Unbelief is losing the argument over abortion.  These new draconian powers being grasped at by the legislature betray its failure.

At this point it is only the thin, crooked, dead lips of Robespierre which remain in a cracked rictus smile.  He and his Reign of Terror are not finished with La France yet.

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