Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Sad and Evil Days

Ahab, Jezebel, and Absalom

So, who gets to be the next President of the United States?  Who knows.  As one cynic put it, how do you make a choice between Dumb and Dumber?  Far more importantly is how Christians ought to think about the US presidential election and its aftermath. For around this issue turns the ultimate purposes of the sovereign Lord.

We have held the view the both candidates are deeply flawed, inadequate, and dangerous.  We also hold the view that Trump, whilst a narcissist of substantial proportion, is less dangerous than Hillary Clinton because he is less practised at mendacity and greed on the national stage.  Clinton has had thirty years to hone her skills and instincts, and were she to win the election, she would be hard to control.  Damage limitation would be much more difficult under Clinton than Trump.

Nevertheless, biblically speaking both candidates represent a judgement from the Lord God, King of all kings.  We are reminded of that time when King David brought Israel into judgment because he did something which God specifically forbade.  He numbered the people.  Gad the prophet came to David and declared that he must choose one of three punishments: Israel would suffer under famine for three years, or be given into the hands of his enemies for three months, or there would be three days' pestilence.  David chose the last option.

There are times, it would seem, when God permits us to experience His wrath and judgement according to our choices.
 Applying this to our present predicament in the West, the United States faces God's wrath--as indeed does all the West.  Now the citizens of that country get to choose.  Will they choose divine wrath as mediated through Hillary Clinton, or through Donald Trump?  It is judgement we face, but how severe it will be turns upon our choice or selection--even as it did with David so long ago.

The Clinton's bear a spiritual resemblance to Ahab and Jezebel.  Hillary's destruction of the country will likely be a personal matter of seeking vengeance against those she perceives as "deplorables".  The damage Obama has done would be turbo-charged.  As for Trump, the biblical character he reminds us of is Absalom, David's evil son--ambitious, corrupt, and traitorous.  We believe he will end up betraying many of those who has supported him through thick and thin.

So, which judgement will the United States choose?  We will know soon enough.  For Christians, our duty now will be to purify ourselves, our churches and our communities--for judgement always begins at the household of God.   May the Lord have mercy.

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