Friday, 20 May 2016

Indecent Exposure As a Human Right, Part II

Governed By Morons

Douglas Wilson on Obama's Enforced Trans-Genderism in Schools


If incoherence were beans, or cheese, or sour cream, or anything like that, Obama’s executive DECREE on bathrooms in government schools would be at least a nine-layer dip.

Incoherence, how do I not follow thee? Let me be unable to count the ways. There are too many. They come too fast. They are throwing them at my head now. Breathe, Wilson. Just do them one at a time.

First . . . no, wait. Better not say first. That’s counting.

Actually I can say first when just setting the stage. So first, I did actually read that dog’s breakfast of an “guidance” letter from the Justice Department. Here are the two quotes that kind of revealed to the watching world that the strongest nation in the world is now being governed by morons. But we cannot say this in a pejorative way, as though we had a right to look down on our rulers, because the only people dumber than morons are the people who allow themselves to be governed by morons.

Anyhow, here are the two quotes:
“Gender identity refers to an individual’s internal sense of gender. A person’s gender identity may be different from or the same as the person’s sex assigned at birth.”

“Under Title IX, there is no medical diagnosis or treatment requirement that students must meet as a prerequisite to being treated consistent with their gender identity.”
Let the mayhem begin!

Got that, boys and girls? Oops. Did I just break a law? Gee, I sure hope so.

Assigned at birth? You mean, like, by the hospital? All this time we have been subject to the caprice of the delivery room staff? They have just been assigning genders to people like there was no tomorrow? Without any regard to what we wanted? I could have been a svelte girl instead of a chunky guy if it hadn’t been for that nurse?

According to this tyrannical (not to mention imbecilic) diktat, in principle, personally-generated gender identity now has absolute sway over every government agency in the land. There is no way that this decree for all government schools at the state level can now be kept out of the military, Social Security, Medicaid, and more.

The federal government actually doesn’t rule the states, but that is another item farther down on the list. We can save that argument for right before the shooting starts. If you want the issue to be open access to six-year-old girls for pervtards, then we want to change the issue to open carry for six-year-old girls. The shooting can spread out from there.

Now this new elusive identity requires no medical diagnosis whatever. What does it depend on? An individual’s “internal sense” that whatever (insert pronoun for the bipedal carbon-based deciding unit) feels to be the truth may or may not be consistent with what God assigned down below.

I speak of God assigning gender deliberately. For, let us be frank, the delivery room staff never really did do any kind of “assigning.” It has always been more like what moral theologians from a previous era would have called “looking.”

So the vast apparatus of government has now been placed under the control of feeeelings, nothing but feeeeelings!

So here is the fun part. Time to get to work. Every evangelical Christian male in America needs to write a letter of inquiry about how he should go about using Medicaid for all his future mammograms. Time for all Christians remaining in the government school system, which is another issue but let it wait, to notify the bureaucrats in charge of their individual file that they intend to change their gender every two weeks or so. Back and forth! Yay! Internal feelings! No medical diagnosis necessary! Let’s keep the governmental paper work just grooving along, since that may indeed be the point of the whole thing.

Okay, I said this issue could wait, but not too long, right? If your kid is still in the government schools after this fiasco, my only question at this point is, what is it going to take? Are you going to hang on to the salt and light argument until mandatory sex reassignment surgeries are being performed by sophomores in high school biology classes, using plastic picnic ware? And their reason for the plastic surgical instruments was because you and your hateful kind voted against the last levy?

But, if you insist on your kid remaining there, then at least do some relative good by having your boys go out for the girls track team. Time to wreck women’s athletics for good and all. Now one will get you ten that somebody in the comments here will complain about this revealing my long held secret wish to wreck women’s athletics. No, this is just stomping on the accelerator in that bad Thelma-and-Louise-ending in that bad movie called progressivism. You wrecking your local school athletic program for girls is like Thelma throwing her purse out the car window on the way down.

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