Thursday, 15 January 2015

Same-Old, Same-Old

Aussie Bush Fires (Again)

Every year when there are bush fires in Australia, the Greens sound off like a predictable dull metronome.  Whilst we are sure you don't need to be reminded of their mindless mantras, we will provide a brief excerpt:

Greens leader Christine Milne has pointed to the fires in South Australia and Victoria to argue the Federal Government should do more to prepare for climate change. As firefighters battle blazes in the two states - and fears mount that dozens of homes have been lost - Senator Milne said the Government was failing to recognise the costs of global warming.  "Every year we are going to face these extreme weather events, which are going to cost lives and infrastructure, and enough is enough," she said.  "The Abbott Government has to stop climate denial and help to get the country prepared to adapt to the more extreme conditions."
It's a reasonable assertion that Australian bush fires are not caused by climate change, since they have been happening for time immemorial.  (Unless, of course, "climate change" is just another term for weather, in which case, "climate change" is inevitable and natural and trying to stop it is eerily Canutish.)

As one blogger has pointed out, surprisingly enough, bush fires occur when there are high temperatures, high winds, and fuel. "Amazing", as the Gruffalo said.
  Only the borderline insane would suggest that we should spend time trying to control temperatures and winds.  Fuel is where the focus should be.  As has been reported many times, controlled burn-offs in the cool months are the best way to control fuel and reduce the risk of bush fires in the summer.  It has worked successfully for decades past.  But no longer.  The Greens vociferously oppose such mitigation and preventative action.  They have captured local and state authorities to outlaw removing wood detritus from the bush, leading to a vast undergrowth build up of fuel .  Tinder dry.  Ready and waiting to ignite.

By continuing to resist controlled burn-offs the Greens are getting mighty close to being named as the great firebugs and passive arsonists of the present era. 

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