Thursday, 15 January 2015

Letter From America (About Nimbyism)

That's Not What We Meant, At All

The whole animation of Obamacare is that the wealthy end up paying more so as to subsidise the health care of those less wealthy than they.  The mechanism to achieve this would be the the socialisation of health insurance premiums.  The wealthy's premiums are rising in order to subsidise the premiums of those who are not so wealthy.   Obama and the Democrats "got away" with it by swearing black and blue that this was not so.  In other words, the lie was deliberately forged and propagated by cunning elites.  The rest of the Democrats remained ignorant and just parroted the official "talking points".  Silly "useful idiots"--they trusted their leaders.  How quaint.  

Now Harvard academics are "finding out what's in the Bill"--and they are mad--despite being strongly supportive of Obamacare, and, despite some of their colleagues having been donkey-deep in its design. "Not In My Back Yard" rules amongst the Harvard elites.

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