Saturday, 6 July 2013

Douglas Wilson's Letter From America

Just Like Tomorrow Morning Is

With the Supreme Court doing its part today to advance the homosexual agenda, while trying not to provoke a major backlash, as happened with Roe v. Wade, I thought a little encouragement for the saints might be in order.

All this reminds us again that there is no political solution to what ails us. We are a nation with the staggers, and our prophets and judges all have paper bags over their heads. There is such a thing as political and legislative faithfulness, but there is no such thing as political and legislative salvation. God brings us to the end of our puny little abilities so that we may trust, not in ourselves, but in Him, the God who raises the dead.
So we remind one another — as we ought to — that there is no political solution. There will be political consequences when the solution arrives, but there is no political solution. This is true as far as it goes, but there might be an assumption buried in there that is not so true.

As the old joke has it: “Well, I guess we have to pray about it.” “Oh, has it come to that?”

Realizing that there is no political solution, and that only Jesus can save us from this, is quite true . . . but might be just a couple steps away from unbelief. It is like being in the bottom of the ninth, with two outs, and your weakest batter has two strikes on him and no balls, and he hurt both his wrists getting the bag of sunflower seeds open. Only God can pull this out now is often an introduction to the thought and He’s not going to.

But that is not where we are at all. The salvation that Jesus is bringing to us is not a possible salvation, or a probable one, or a likely salvation. It is an inexorable and necessary salvation. Reformation, revival, salvation, forgiveness, and a spirit of deep repentance is coming at America just like tomorrow morning is.
Because our only salvation is found in resurrection from the dead, and because resurrection from the dead is an inexorable fact of life now — ever since Jesus rose on the third day, He set resurrection power completely loose in the world — the deliverance we long for is a certainty.

In other words, it is not “there is no salvation except in the off chance . . .” Rather, it is “there is no salvation in any other name except the one that has been given to you forever.” That one name is the name of Jesus. Luther doesn’t say, but I suspect that name is the one little word in his hymn that fells the pandemonic captain, and it is the name that remains, no thanks to the jurisprudential scurrying of the black-robed strokers of chins.

If our way out were political, we can be (and have been) thwarted, out-spent, out-maneuvered, lied to, and betrayed. But if our way out is Jesus, not only do we have a sure and certain hope, but our adversaries have no hope at all.

And so what do we have to do? We simply have to stand still and watch (Ex. 14:13).

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