Thursday, 18 November 2010

Turning Tides?

We Would Hope So
(But We Are Not Holding Our Breath . . . )

Inventory2 at Keeping Stock fills our stockings with cheery news. The PC tide is receding in New Zealand and sanity is returning. Golliwogs are back! This announcement is made against the backdrop of a story from the UK, where a pig was removed from a barnyard ensemble on sale at an early childhood education store--out of respect for Muslims and Jews.

No doubt Animal Farm is about to be banned, as well, because it features pigs. Well actually, it has been banned in dozens of countries already, so if finally the ban is promulgated in Britain as (for reasons of religious sensitivity, of course) the UK will have joined a particularly loathsome and noisome club. One's friends define one, as do one's enemies.

Whilst on the subject of political correctness and the damage that it does--US citizens have been scandalized by the introduction of body scanners and genital groping at airports (to find secreted bombs, of course). What many don't realize is that such a gargantuan screening effort, together with the intrusion into personal privacy, has been driven by the non-discrimination demands of political correctness. The US refuses to profile and focus on suspect terrorists. Therefore everyone must be regarded as a potential terrorist. Political correctness requires perverse profiling: everyone is regarded as guilty, until the intrusive scanning and patting down proves them innocent.

Those who refuse to discriminate righteously, end up promulgating a police-state.

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