Tuesday, 25 August 2009

A Criminal, and Proud of It

Lines in the Sand

Since the Prime Minister has decided that Section 59 of the Crimes Act will not be amended; and,

Since the Act stipulates that any parent who disciplines their children by smacking them is committing a criminal offence; and,

Since, the Prime Minister has indicated that the agents of state (Police, CYFS) will be directed to ignore the law . . .

We declare publicly that in our family we follow a policy of using smacking as a method of discipline of our children; we do it systematically and regularly and in a disciplined fashion; and we use it on those occasions when our children engage wilfully in repeated acts of disobedience, dishonesty, or disrespect.

If the law says we are committing a crime, albeit one which will not be prosecuted, then the law in this instance is an ass. We will continue to raise our children in a way which loves and respects them far too much to allow them to get away with wilful wrongdoing.

So, in this matter we are repeatedly committing a criminal act--and proud of it.

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