Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Godly Resistance, Part III

In the Footsteps of Priscilla and Aquila

It is possible for Unbelievers to become justly frustrated and angry against Christians.  When we are obnoxious, impatient, or bitter in our opposing Unbelief, for example, Unbelief may have just cause for criticism.  Therefore, in standing for the truth, and for the Lord's holy Name, we must be sure that our cause is not only just, but also justly argued.

As we enter a time when we more frequently find ourselves needing to adopt a no-compromise position, it is important that our consciences are clear.  Moreover, when we are ridiculed for the Christian positions we take we ought to bear it with patience, giving thanks to God that we are counted sufficiently worthy to suffer for His Name.

We made mention the other day of secularists mocking and scorning the US Vice President and his wife for adopting practices which they find objectionable or offensive. These nonsense reactions and criticisms we must bear patiently.  However, w must also be firm.  Our retort ought to be along the lines of, "It's none of your business."  We must also make it clear that we will not yield in the face of such prejudice and provocation.

What ever else we do, we must avoid a "go along to get along" approach over matters of divine command and Christian conscience.  When we become "man-pleasers" we have compromised our position beyond repair.

Quiet, firm, resolute, courageous resistance must be the order of the day.  From the outset.

We are aware that as society becomes more and more enamoured with the religion of secularism, resistance may cost us a pretty penny.  It may mean we lose our jobs.  It may mean we have to end up moving home and family to a more tolerant and accommodating city or region.  Like Priscilla and Aquila we may have to flee Rome.

So it has ever been.

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