Saturday, 16 June 2018

Old News--But Essential Nonetheless

FBI Corrupted By Its Senior Leadership

For those of our readers who follow US politics and have some knowledge of the US Justice Department and the FBI you will find a lot of damning material recently released by the Justice Department's inspector general report into the conduct of the FBI.  It reveals a shocking anti-Trump, pro-Hillary bias endemic to the agency's related investigations.

Now this has been both suspected and alleged by various parties and agencies of government and politicians for a long, long time.  On Thursday 14th June, the Inspector General's [IG] report was released.  Mollie Hemingway, Senior Editor of The Federalist has written a summary.  Keen students of the ineptitude, corruption, bias, and arrogance of the FBI will find all of the proof and evidence you want to establish "beyond reasonable doubt" that the senior leadership FIB has indeed become politicised, has been thoroughly anti-Trump, and in the tank for the Democrats.  [Note, however, that indictment is pointed at senior leadership in the FBI, not the rank and file.]

OK--so it's "Old News".  But it's more than that: it is now proven beyond reasonable doubt.
  We will leave interested readers to work through Hemingway's article.  We will whet appetites by listing her headings:

  • Learn How To Interpret An IG Report
  • FBI Agent Who Led Both The Clinton and Trump Probes Promised He’d Prevent Trump’s Election
  • Comey Mishandled The Clinton Probe In Multiple Ways
  • Comey Is Slippery And Weird
  • FBI Has A Massive Leak Problem And Is Doing Nothing About It
  • FBI Almost Got Away With Ignoring Clinton Emails On Weiner Laptop
  • Breathtaking Bias
  • Clinton Got Breaks, But Some Backfired
  • Obama Lied When He Said He Knew Nothing About Hillary’s Secret E-mail Scheme
  • FBI Agent Joked Clinton Associate Who Lied Would Never Be Charged, Questioned Legitimacy Of Investigation
  • FBI’s Insulting Response

Her concluding paragraph summarises it all:
It’s not just Comey’s usurpation of authority and failure to comply with practices. Multiple people were involved in his condemned decisions. Others were cited for bad judgement in recusal decisions or failure to adhere to recusals. Political bias was rampant in the team of people who handled both the Clinton and Trump email probes. So were leaks, accepting gifts from reporters, incompetence, and other problems.

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