Friday, 24 November 2017

Clutching At Paper Straws

What Do Soros and Merkel Have in Common With Neville Chamberlain?

"See no evil, hear no evil".  So much of the West's response to Islam falls under this rubric.  Why has a generation appeared which is fixated upon overlooking what is obvious: Islam is a violent religion.  One reason would be that there are few in the West who have bothered to read the Koran--Islam's holy book.  Another is that Islamic violence does not fit in with the myths of humanism.  It is necessary for the maintenance of those myths that Islamic believers be regarded as "just like us" and if treated in a humanitarian, humanist manner they will quickly become both both humanitarian and Western (there is fundamentally no distinction between the two).

Secondly, there is a Marxist overtone that Western elites want to impose.  As part of humanist dogma, national governments are subject to nationalism--which, we are told--plays to ignorant, nativist fears, prejudices, and divisions amongst men.  Internationalism, however, escapes from such prejudices.  It looks with fondness upon mankind as a species, in the abstract.  When a human being is properly supplied with redistributed wealth all of the ignorance, nativist fears, and prejudices will fade away.  Islamic violence, we are told, is a hangover from days of tribalism and nationalist excess.  When properly exposed to humanism, and removed from nationalism, the Islamic believer will thankfully and willingly sign up to Humanist Manifestos I, II, and III.

As a consequence, most Western humanists operate in a cone of naive myopia.  They are like Neville Chamberlain in the run up to World War II.  His pacifism required, not only that he not give due recognition to Nazi nationalism, but that he act towards the Nazi's and Hitler according to the principles of his pacifist beliefs.  He was a significant contributing factor to Hitler's rise and domination of the German armed forcesy.  "Peace in our time" became the absurd myth driving Chamberlain's diplomatic dealings with Hitler.  Angela Merkel and George Soros fall into this kind of folly.  They (along with many others) are the Chamberlains of our age.  When it comes to Islam they are determined neither to see, nor hear, evil. 

Meanwhile, reality is starkly different.

A young mother who converted to Islam was brutally murdered by her husband, who barred her from seeing family and friends after she started wearing Western-style clothes again, a British court has heard.  Akshar Ali hit Sinead Wooding with a hammer and stabbed her repeatedly, before dumping in the woods and then torching the mother-of-four’s body, Prosecutor Nicholas Campbell QC told Leeds Crown Court.

Ms Wooding was in the process of converting to Islam and changed her name to Zakirah when she met Mr Ali, 27, who worked on a food stall at Leeds indoor market, according to the Times.  The pair were married at an Islamic ceremony in early 2015, but the jury heard their relationship was “volatile” and violent at times, with arguments over 26-year-old Wooding continued visits to family and friends her husband had “forbidden” her from seeing.

Mr Campbell said Ms Wooding had started wearing Western clothing days before she was killed on May 11 at a party held at the house of her husband’s friend Yasmin Ahmed, who along with Mr Ali, denies murder.  After the couple had an argument, guests heard a bang from the kitchen, at which point Ms Ahmed went to check on them.  She returned, and said Ms Wooding had stumbled into a door but that everything was fine, and a short time afterwards reported to guests that the young mother had left the house.

“In fact Sinead Wooding never left that property alive,” Mr Campbell said, telling the court she was first incapacitated  — suffering a fractured skull after repeated blows to the head with a claw hammer  — and then killed later on, after being “stabbed several times” with a knife. . . .

Her body was allegedly kept in the cellar for two days, then “wrapped up [and] bound with wire” before two people were seen carrying it out at night, by a neighbour.  The burnt remains of Ms Wooding were discovered by a jogger in woods north of Leeds, on May 14, the court was told.

As the trial continues, Mr Ali’s brother, Asim, denies assisting an offender by procuring a vehicle and assisting in the disposal of Ms Wooding’s body. His mother, Aktahr Bi, denies making arrangements to dispose of the body.  [Breitbart News]
Today's humanists insist that Ms Wooding's murder has absolutely nothing to do with Islam.  Akshar Ali's actions, along with those of his family, reflect a native, primitive nationalism which will soon be expunged as part of the glorious fruits of society ruled by secular humanism.  Or so the story runs. 

Merkel, Soros, Brussels--all singing harmoniously from Neville Chamberlain's song sheet--clutching papers and declaring that they will achieve Peace for our Time.

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