Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Oozing Slime

Green Rectitude

The Greens in New Zealand have always clothed themselves in layers of oozing sanctimony.  They have persuaded themselves that they are humanity's true and loyal friend.  They have sought to persuade us that they would never be captive to crudities like money or capitalists.  They have borne all the brickbats thrown at their madness and blindness to economic realities--and have done so as a badge of Green honour.  They, and they alone, are the pure defenders of Gaia, the Environment, the Cosmos, of Being Itself.  Ad nauseous etceteras.

But the Greens, it turns out, are just another radical left wing political party, seeking to win popularity by spending citizens' money left, right, and off centre.  They see themselves as the last-man-er-person-standing up for the destitute, the dishevelled, and the deprived.  They have the strongest sense of entitlement we have seen in a long, long time.  And they are going to make you pay.  Now their oozing green effluent is sprayed not upon Mother Gaia but upon Homeless Charlie.

The Greens are in a fight for their political lives and their primary objective is to take votes off Labour, the erstwhile socialist party, which exists primarily at the behest and beckoning of the unions.

Recent days have shown us just how impure and poisonous the Greens have become.  Its co-leader, Metiria Turei has behaved so badly that even the greenist Herald has called for her resignation from Parliament.  A recent editorial states:

One act of dishonesty may be forgiven, two becomes harder to overlook. On top of her admission that she withheld information from Social Welfare about her living arrangements on the domestic purposes benefit, Metiria Turei has been found to have enrolled for an election at a false address. It begins to look like a pattern of behaviour of a person with too little regard for the obligations of honest citizenship, and we can only wonder, what more might emerge?
The issue here is not so much Turei's dishonesty and deceit.  Rather it is her sanctimonious defence of her larceny.  She did it because she was a poor law student at the time and needed more money, don't you know.  So she understated her income in order to maximise her welfare benefits.  The system was/is so cruel that it made her do it.  Her confession now stands as proof of her identification with the poor in the country.  She feels their pain.

Now it has also been found that she lied to the Electoral Office in order to cast a vote for a mate.  The Greens have rallied behind her, calling her courageous, honest, a real brick, a true stalwart of the poor and the downtrodden-etc. etc.  These folk have been drinking in the oozing mould of Green sanctimony far too long.

A few weeks ago, Turei and her co-leader, James Shaw were railing fit to bust in and out of Parliament about the gall of a National MP from Southland, Todd Barclay retaining his seat, despite deceiving the staff of his local electorate.  This, despite the fact that Barclay has "done the decent thing" and fallen on his sword.  The Green's sanctimony topped itself in this case.  Even having to sit in Parliament while the suppurating grease-ball from Southland was still present was intolerable, unethical, impure, wicked--blah, blah, blah.
Turei and her co-leader James Shaw have been calling on [Barclay] to go sooner. Having mounted a high horse against Barclay, Shaw is now in the embarrassing position of defending Turei's effort to stay. Both of them are at risk of much more emerging from the past she has opened for examination. Newshub's discovery that she was listed at the same address as the father of her child while she was on the benefit, plainly caught her by surprise. She had forgotten she gave that address for electoral enrolment so that she could vote for a friend. What else has she forgotten?
What is sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander, or so we are told.  Unless you are a Green politician.  If you are a Green, it's "do as I say, not as I do".

Whatever else may be said, one thing is clear: through all this oozing mess, Turei is clearly not the victim.  Rather, she is the perp.  As one writer put it:
Most people will be very forgiving of someone who made mistakes in their youth, if they show they have learnt from their mistakes and regret them. None of us are perfect. But Turei has been the opposite or regret. She has portrayed herself as the victim and used her personal circumstances to try and justify the Greens welfare policy. What has come out is because she decided to try and portray herself as a victim who had no choices.

The reality is she did have choices. She could have chosen to get a job. She could have chosen to seek support from the father (I suspect in fact she did, and simply didn’t declare it). She could have applied for hardship grants. She could have done less papers each year giving her time to do part-time work. She could have asked the father to sell the house he owned and use the proceeds to support them. She could have asked grandparents for support.

Instead she chose to lie to MSD and steal from taxpayers. It was a choice. She had other choices. They may not have been wonderful choices but they were choices.  Her self-portrayal and lack of remorse is what has done her the most harm.  [Kiwiblog]
Whether they like it or not, the Greens are now the party officially endorsing fraud, lying, and larceny.  And you, dear reader, are to blame for forcing this moral corruption upon them.  One thing has not changed: their self-righteous sanctimony is now a noisome stench.

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