Friday, 30 December 2016

At the Cutting Edge

Cadre of Chaos

The New York Times is arguably the shippiest ship of the line when it comes to pushing transgenderism.  Firstly, it is out and proud, and has its very own transgender editor, one Jennifer Boylan, previously James Boylan.
Boylan, who teaches women’s studies at Barnard College, is the new transgender issue editor at the NYT, a publication which has covered transgender issues 1207 times in the last 12 months—eclipsing their coverage of North Korea. [The Federalist]
You know a cause has really hit the big time when it receives its very own editor at the Times.  We hazard a guess that North Korea, or dictatorships for that matter, don't have their very own flag bearers at the Times.  To be fair, North Korea is so last century and dictatorships have been with us forever.  But transgenderism is the new wave of revolution sweeping the West.  Novelty has a number of implications and associations, not the least of which is an opportunity to cast one's business as being at the cutting edge of social revolution.  To be a cadre of chaos is pretty cool.

Add to this the grief and mourning at the loss of the election by a transgenderist champion, one Hillary Rodham Clinton.  All one's hopes have come crashing down in a screaming heap of feathers.  These petals need to be cut some slack.  They not only need our indulgence and sympathy--they deserve it as a human right.  Meanwhile, the fruits of the transgender cause continue to ripen on the vine.

The transgenderist revolution continues apace, and the Times is right up there with the brand new cause. Meanwhile, the Times can confirm categorically that there is nothing to be feared from transgenderism. It has no rotten fruit nor bad outcomes.  Meanwhile aren't you all excited about our brand new transgenderism editor.

Moreover, the Times want to issue a formal declamation of the following video as haaaate speech. You vill not vatch!


But there is more.  We all need to understand that when the cause is holy, just, and good, then truth-telling is irrelevant.  The cause is so holy that if it requires a bit of truth distortion to accommodate gender-bending, then so be it.  This is war, and as everyone knows, truth is the first casualty in war.

Rivka Edelman, at the Federalist, reminds us that truth-telling is not a strong suit of the transgender warriors.
Identity politics have been dealt some other blows recently. Over at National Review, Maggie Gallagher reminds us that large studies used to win concessions were fabricated:

"Then there is the issue of all the hoax hate crimes after the election. The day after the election, media reported a rash of transgender child suicides—eight suicides that never happened. The journalist was forced to write a retraction. This comes at a time when many Americans see the academy and media as misdirected and unreliable."
We saw that in 2015, when a major study published in Science, which purported to show that personal canvassing by LGBT people had an amazingly large effect on people’s opinions, was revealed to have been entirely faked, and in ways that one lone grad student, David Broockman, found easy to debunk. (The “scholar” had even created easily checked fake grants from real foundations, thanking them publicly for grants they had never made.)’ And now, a widely reported study on longevity of homosexuals appears to have been faked.
We have every sympathy for those caught up in the surgical and drug cocktail of transgenderism.  We have no sympathy, nary a smidgen, for those aiding, abetting and cheerleading this monstrous, artificial, and manufactured social cause.

So much for the shippiest ship of the line.

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