Friday, 30 August 2013

Haters of Humanity

Baalism or the Christ

Neutrality is not an option.  It is a chimera.  The Scriptures declare that one is either for the Lord Jesus Christ, or against Him.  No middle ground.  And our Lord added, he who does not gather with Me, scatters.  These statements are not startling; they are entirely predictable and expected.  After all, our Lord is the light of the world.  Darkness cannot continue or abide in the light.  They are opposites.  When men are confronted with the light, they will either come to Christ, into His light, or they will flee Him.  No neutrality.

The secular humanist state, now regnant throughout the West, professes neutrality towards the Christ.  It is officially neither for Him, nor against Him.  The secular humanist state considers Him irrelevant.  If He exists at all, He belongs to a realm that has no bearing upon earthly reality.

But what of His followers?
  How does the modern secular state regard them?  With like neutrality.  The state and its engines are neither for Christians nor against them--so long as their faith and loyalty to Christ stays in the closet.  But as soon as Christians seek to live out their faith in public, look out.  The vaunted neutrality of the secular humanist state disappears in a puff of smoke.  Suddenly, the state is not neutral at all. 

The professed neutrality of the secular humanist state towards Christ and His disciples is a charade.  The words of Christ are true--one cannot be neutral toward Him; the words of the secular state are misleading and deceptive; they are lies.

Unbelief is never static.  It is always moving.  It is either moving towards the Light, or away from it.  So with the secular humanist state.  And consistently governments in the West have moved away from Christ for the last fifty years.  One of the consequences is that the canard of state neutrality towards the King of all governments is wearing more and more thin.  Christians, therefore, need expect that public opposition will grow and eventually persecution will break out once more against the Church in the West.

Western governments are moving now to enforce secular beliefs.  Some utterances are now beyond the pale.  The concept of "hate speech" has entered the political and legal lexicon.  To declare forthrightly or clearly the Christian ethical maxim that homosexuality is sinful and that homosexuals have been captured by evil and enslaved to it is to guilty of hate speech in many Western quarters.

Those not ignorant of our history know that this has been heard before.  It was alleged by the Roman imperium that Christians were "haters of the human race".  They would not worship the gods--which needed to be placated to keep them onside, thus preventing natural disasters, war, famines and the like.  Failure to placate the idols meant that Christians must hate other people.  That allegation of hatred of mankind provided convenient justification for state persecution.

It is a very short bow to move from that ancient pagan construction to the secular West which increasingly characterises Christians as "haters".  And so the maxim of our Lord proves true.  There is no middle ground.  One either gathers with the Lord of glory, or one opposes Him.  The neutrality of the secular Western state is a chimera.  Its militant secularism means that the state will increasingly bear down upon Christians and churches.

Let's be prepared, not surprised.  Once again we will hear the challenge of the Lord's prophet: if Yahweh is God, serve Him; but if Baal is god, serve him.  Why go limping between two opinions?  Christians are those people absolutely convinced of two things: the first is that Baal is not God; the second is that Yahweh is most certainly God.  We will not limp between the two.

It is a foolish and damned state which would move to require that Christians choose between loyalty to Christ and loyalty to itself.  We will not bless Caesar and  curse God.  Were to do so, we truly would be haters of the human race. 

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John Moore said...

Neutrality is not an option. One is either for the Lord Jesus Christ, or against Him. This applies equally well to people's daily activities. There is no time when you should not be praising the Lord in your heart. Either you are thinking about the Lord, or you are thinking against the Lord. Keep your focus on the Lord Jesus Christ and never waiver. Don't do anything else, lest your mind stray into the unholy realms of life.