Friday, 7 June 2013

Manifest Foolishness #2

 The Tender Mercies of Early Childhood Education

When men turn away from God they become stupid, worse than dumb animals.  Sense departs to be replaced by a degraded sensibility.  Here is a second example of what we have in mind, as reported in Stuff:

A woman has been banned from a Wellington childcare centre after a Ministry of Education staff member saw her "inappropriately restraining" a child. . . . A ministry spokeswoman said a staff member saw someone "inappropriately restraining" a child during a visit to the centre on April 23. . . . The daughter of the centre's supervisor had been on the floor with the children and was seen "stopping" a 4-year-old boy from hitting another child by putting her hand on his arm, she said. However, she did not see the incident, so could not be sure. . . . The centre had a no-hitting policy, but staff usually told children verbally to stop if they were found to be "rough-playing".
Here is Lucia's comment on this piece:

They say that, "We are continuing to monitor the centre to ensure all children are safe," and yet what they really is that they are making sure no one interferes with the whacking of children by other children, because that is what children do in their natural environment and interference in that is wrong.  They have a no-hitting policy, so if little Johnny is trying to punch little Timmy, all they will do is ask little Johnny very nicely to stop and if he doesn't, they'll tell him he shouldn't have done that, and meanwhile, little Timmy has been hurt, and no one did anything physical to stop the violence against him.

One wonders what the staff would be expected to do it little Johnny was coming after little Timmy with a knife!  I can just imagine it.  No, Johnny, don't hurt Timmy, put the knife down.  Oh, you've done it now, see Timmy is on the ground and bleeding.  Maybe we should phone an ambulance, as Timmy is bleeding quite a lot.  Oh no, don't keep stabbing him, Johnny!

What's even more amazing, is that the anti-smacking law does allow for force to be used when it is to prevent harm, and yet the Ministry of Education seems to want to ignore that part of what is and isn't acceptable with regards to force with children.
When a culture turns away from God--as the West has done--it professes to be wise, but all along plays the fool. 

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